7 Wonders Duel science tokens

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10 piece science token set for 7 Wonders Duel. This set includes one jumbo sized token for each of the 10 science tokens found in 7 Wonders Duel. Each one measures about 70mm in diameter. This set is 3D printed with the colors shown, no painting required! Playing with this set is sure to make your game of 7 Wonders duel feel more impactful when you earn one of the science tokens in game.

Core Set includes:
1 x Agriculture token
1 x Urbanism token
1 x Mathematics token
1 x Theology token
1 x Masonry token
1 x Architecture token
1 x Economy token
1 x Law token
1 x Philosophy token
1 x Strategy token


Expansion Set 1  includes:
1 x Poliorcetics
1 x Mysticism
1 x Engineering

Expansion Set 2  includes

1 x Corruption

1 x Organized crime