Everdell Authorized Accessory: Newleaf Train Set

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Everdell Authorized Accessory: Newleaf Train Set

Newleaf Train & Platform. You need an Everdell Train in your life and here it is. Each piece is 3D printed in color with nontoxic plastic! No painting required…EVER! Both the station and train fit over the graphics on the Newleaf board. The train cargo cars are able to hold the games cardboard resource tokens that are drawn from the games red bag. The station acts as a platform for the visitor decks. Each piece is assembled by hand prior to shipping. So the game pieces are ready to play as soon as they arrive. It is very unlikely that these pieces will fit inside the game box with the other components. Choose your configuration

Both: This includes the full Train and the station / visitor platform

Train: Just the train.

              1 x Engine

              3 x Grey Cargo cars

              2 x Red box cars

Station: Just the station and platform



Officially Authorized Accessory. Everdell is a registered trademark of Tabletop Tycoon, Inc. All rights reserved.