F-22 Marker holder

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This marker holder is able to hold up to 4 standard size Expo dry erase markers. My design makes sure to grab the cap, while still allowing for the removal of the marker cap if ever necessary. The marker holder comes equipped with 3   powerful rare earth magnets to make sure it sticks to any white board (or other ferrous surface). The magnets are flush mounted within the holder to make sure they do not snag anything while being transported.  Available in a number of different colors and 2 styles. 

These marker holders are 3D printed in two separate colors. Make sure to choose your “Body Color” and “Airplane color” colors in a note to seller at checkout. Available color options are:









Lime Green

Dark Green


Light Blue

Dark Blue

Dark Brown


Hot Pink


Customizable with your name or even call sign. Make sure to fill out what name you want me to add at checkout! Does not come with any markers.


Briefing Room Edition measures: 125mm long, 90mm tall, and 50mm wide

Pocket Editions has a reassessed feature to make sure it does not snag the inside of your flight suit. Dimensions are: 95mm long, 60mm tall, and 30mm wide