Marine Worlds Expansion for Ark Nova

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Marine Worlds Expansion for Ark Nova - 3D Printed Full Color

  • Vibrant 3D Printing: No need to paint - each piece is 3D printed in full, vibrant color, ready to bring the marine world to life on your game night.
  • Plug & Play: Designed for immediate play, these pieces are ready to use straight out of the box, ensuring you get to the fun part without any delays.
  • Perfect Compatibility: Seamlessly integrates with all previous component upgrades by GameUp, making it a seamless addition to your collection.
  • Aquarium Pieces Galore: Includes both small and large aquarium pieces to enrich your game environment with marine beauty.
  • Color-Coded Fun: Comes with player color-coded marine animal occupancy plugs, allowing for personalized gameplay and added strategy.
  • Organized Gaming: Optional storage solution compatible with GameUp's other storage options, keeping your gaming area neat and tidy.


Configuration Choices

 Just AQ – 4 large aquariums, 4 small aquariums, and 4 bags of anilam plugs one for each color


AQ+ Storage – Everything above + the storage solution for the aquariums.