Potion Explosion marble dispenser

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This is a marble dispenser for the game Potion Explosion! We have all been there, you go to set up a game of Potion Explosion for game night and as soon as you take the standard marble dispenser out of the box the whole things falls apart into chaos and madness. But no longer! This robust marble dispenser takes all the fuss out of game set up. Just take it out of the box and you are ready to rock.

This marble dispenser is the same dimensions as the stock marble dispenser. This means you see exactly the same number of marbles in the tray as you would with the original. And it fits back into the box! The marble dispenser does come in two separate pieces that easily attach or detach for convenient space saving.

Additionally the marble entry ramp has a themed designed embedded into it. This feature intentionally breaks up the surface of the ramp promoting randomness in marble paths.

*** Available in a number of different colors! Please select color at check out***