Supercharged Dice Tower

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This thing is ridiculous. An argument could be made that it probably should not exist. Yet here we are. I spent more man hours then I like to admit to design this thundering V8 dice tower of glory. The dice towers operation is simple enough. Dice get dropped into the air scoop, hitting several baffles on their way down the super charger unit, into the engine block then come tumbling out into the transmission. This will surly inspire any game of Gaslands of Formula D to the point where you are certain you can smell the petroleum as you shout “WITNESS ME!”
Don't let the pictures fool you! This thing is massive! Weighing in at nearly 2 ½ lbs. Take note of the picture that also features the hot wheels sized car for a sense of scale. Assembled the Supercharged Dice Tower measures about 13 inches long, 12 inches wide (from exhaust manifold tip to exhaust manifold tip), and 7 ¾ inches tall.

I am able to print these in a number of color options. Color options exist for the Engine block, valve covers, and air scoop. All the silver / gray colored parts will remain that color. Please enter the colors you want in a note to me at check out. Colors available are: 

Lime Green
Dark Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue
Dark Brown
Hot Pink


. Please format your response as such: Engine-Red Valve Covers-Yellow Air Scoop-Purple. Please make sure you pick from colors listed above.

I offer two separate options for the build of the supercharged dice tower. I offer it as a kit you can self assemble. Or if you want a turn key solution ( I apologize I could not resist the dad joke) I offer a completely assembled option. The completely assembled option is ready to chuck dice into as soon as you take it out of the box. The kit option will require you to assemble prior to play. If you choose the kit option you will need some super glue.

*NO cars or dice are included with the supercharged dice tower.