Wingspan Upgraded components

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Dice Tower: This is a dice tower for the game Wing Span! This robust dice tower takes all the fuss out of game set up. Just take it out of the box and you are ready to rock. No more flimsy card board dice towers! Printed nontoxic PLA plastic available in a variety of colors.

This dice tower is roughly the same dimensions as the stock dice tower and fits into the box! The dice tower comes in two separate pieces that easily attach or detach for convenient space saving. Ready to game, no construction required.
*** Available in a number of different colors! Please select color at checkout***

Player action markers: 3D printed complete set of player action markers for Wingspan the board game. Each player gets 8 of their own color birdhouse action markers. 40 markers in total. Each color of action marker is a unique stylized bird house. These action markers are huge! Easily seen across the table to see what your opponents are up too. Each marker is roughly the size of the games dice. All 3D printed in colored PLA plastic. No painting required!

Food Tokens: Get colorful with these 3D printed Wingspan food tokens. This set includes 100 tokens, 20 of each food type. Each one is 3D printed in color! No painting required, ready to go right out of the box. Easily see other players food tokens. These food tokens are much larger then the stock cardboard punch out tokens. Each set includes

20 x Invertebrate food tokens ( Light green & Dark Green)
20 x Fish food tokens ( Light blue & Dark Blue)
20 x Berry food tokens (Red)
20 x Wheat food tokens (Brown & Yellow)
20 x Mouse food tokens (Gray & Pink)

This set bundled together offers a discount over purchasing the pieces individually.