Wyrmspan Resource Set

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    • Vivid Full-Color Printing: Each piece is crafted in full, vibrant color, eliminating the need for any painting and allowing you to immediately incorporate them into your game.
    • Comprehensive Resource Tokens: This set includes 25 tokens each for Milk, Gold, Gems, and Meat, intricately designed to visually enhance your gaming experience.
    • Exclusive Dragon Coins: A collection of 45 beautifully designed Dragon Coins, each featuring a unique design on the front and back.
    • Specialized Rock Bowl Accessory: A meticulously crafted Rock Bowl designed to hold sparkling dragon eggs, adding a touch of realism to your game setup. Please note, dragon eggs are not included with this purchase.
    • Optional Custom Storage Solution: For those seeking an organizational upgrade, we offer an optional storage solution that not only keeps your new 3D printed pieces secure but is also fully compatible with existing GameUp component storage systems for seamless integration.
    • Instantly elevate the visual and tactile appeal of your "Wyrmspan" board game with these detailed, colorful components.
    • Our optional storage solution offers a practical way to keep your gaming space tidy and your new resources readily accessible for game nights.


Resources – Just the core Resources. includes 25 tokens each for Milk, Gold, Gems, and Meat. Also 45 dragon coins

Rock Bowl – Just the rock bowl (no eggs included)

Storage – This option includes all the resources (identified above) and the storage solution. Rock bowl sold separately.